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Albany Engineered Composites
Amy Valliere - Sr. Human Resources Business Partner

I’ve worked with AIJ for over a year now, though the company has helped our organization for longer. Of the dozen or so roles I have collaborated with Mike and his team on, I’ve always felt assured knowing I was going to be provided with responsiveness and a collaborative effort in finding the right match for our organization. They are a very motivated and committed firm and are certainly not afraid of extremely specialized positions. Whether it is director level or individual contributor roles, they have a willingness to find the ideal candidate. I appreciate the level of attention the team takes in understanding our business and hiring manager’s needs. I’ve enjoyed the partnership we have and am grateful for their recruitment efforts!

Greene Tweed

We love working with AIJ Search, our go-to partner for all our critical hiring needs.I have worked with Mike and his team for over a decade, and we consider them to be an extension of our own HR team. Their team shares our company’s core values, including teamwork, transparent communication and a commitment to continuous improvement and learning. Their firm has successfully filled positions across our organization, including Director level roles within our executive leadership team, mid-level leadership roles, and niche individual contributor roles both technical and commercial in nature.Mike’s team remains fully committed to a successful placement, regardless of the challenges encountered during a project. His team makes recommendations on candidates during an assignment that aligns to the best interest of our company, even if that means extending the project timeline and reduced profits for his firm.AIJ Search have proven themselves to be a trusted partner time and time again and I couldn’t imagine talent acquisition efforts without them!

Junus Khan – Founder and Chairman

AIJ Search helped us hire a Principal Engineer at a critical point in our company’s growth curve.Carbitex engineers, develops, manufactures and markets uniquely flexible carbon fiber composites that unlock performance benefits never-before possible. At the point of commencing the search 3 years ago we were an emerging company seeking to hire a senior level engineer to elevate the Carbitex engineering team’s depth of carbon fiber expertise.As a fast-growing company developing branded and patented flexible carbon fiber products we demanded a very unique skillset which required a nationwide search for the perfect candidate, who not only had very strong experience with the design of high-performance carbon fiber, but who could also help us with prototyping, production scale-up, product testing and project management.A mis-hire for a key technical role within a high-performance environment can be catastrophic, and our wish list was unique.AIJ Search helped us ensure we hired the right candidate, who fit our wide breadth of needs plus aligned well to our fast-paced, high growth environment and company culture.3 years later, our company has scaled, and we are very happy with our hire, who has helped drive our success and bright future. We expect to work with Mike and his team for future critical hiring needs.

ATC Aerospace
Elena Perez de Lema – VP, Finance

We have relied upon AIJ Search for many years for our most critical hiring needs.Most recently, we needed a Director level candidate to fit a very unique gap within our leadership team, and this assignment was a huge challenge because the role we were looking to fill did not exist within other companies. Mike and I worked closely together to navigate this ambiguity, and from there his team was successful in sourcing a viable candidate pool.We are very happy with the candidate hired. Over the past few years, Mike and his team have successfully helped us fill other roles including VP Finance (my role), Supply Chain Director, and Product Manager.We expect to turn to Mike and his team for our future leadership needs!

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